David Alan Harvey Has Resigned From Magnum Photos

David Alan Harvey, who has been at the center of controversy around images he took in 1989 which may or may not feature underage sex workers, has announced that he has resigned as a Magnum Photos photographer. Magnum had previously suspended Harvey for one year while it investigated a "confidential complaint."

20+ Students Suspended for Liking Instagram Post About School Shooting

20+ students in North Carolina were suspended from school this week over an Instagram post, but it wasn't even a photo they posted. The suspended students are being punished for "liking" the photo, which implied, allegedly as a joke, that the school would be the victim of a shooting.

Instagram in Hot Water for Disabling Mom Blogger’s Account Over Innocent Photo

The big social networks seem to have a hard time determining what is and is not inappropriate, and to their PR detriment, they seem to make the wrong judgement time and again. The latest case in point comes out of the Instagram camp, that this week decided to disable a mommy blogger's account for posting 'inappropriate' photos of her kids that seem completely innocent.