The First Real Life Images of the Unreleased Fuji X-T2 Have Leaked

Everybody seems to know what the next big camera from Fuji will be. Now that the X-Pro2 is out and performing admirably, we're waiting on the X-T2. And while we don't know exactly when it will arrive, a set of leaked photos are giving us our first real life peek at what the camera will look like.

This is What the Canon 7D Mark II Will Look Like

The Canon 7D Mark II will be officially announced sometime in the next few days, but an official product photo and a list of detailed specs have decided to peek out on the Web a bit early. The photograph above shows what the camera will look like from the front.

Check Out the Latest Rumored Specs for the Upcoming Canon 7D Mark II

It's safe at this point to say that a Canon 7D replacement is definitely on the way, and will almost certainly make its debut at Photokina. But whereas there's plenty of leaked info to corroborate this fact, very little more about the camera has come to light.

Still, some info is bound to come out and the spec list below is the most accurate information that has slipped through the few cracks left in Canon's anti-rumor shield.

Rumor Has It: On the Rumor Mill and the Photo Industry

Rumors, leaks, and sneak peaks dominate headlines in photo gear news. More often than not, the appearance, specs and even price of a new piece of gear (this applies particularly to cameras) is known well before its manufacturer announces it themselves -- a fact that should come as no surprise to frequent PetaPixel readers.

AirLock System Lets You Test Waterproof Camera Housings for Leaks

Underwater photo gear company Backscatter has released a new product that's designed to give photographers peace of mind when diving with expensive camera gear in waterproof housings. Called the AirLock Vacuum System, it's a new device that lets you verify that your housing is completely free of leaks before you take it into the water.

Samsung NX100 Photo and Specs Leaked

A photo and diagram of the upcoming Samsung NX100 were leaked today on the dpreview forums by a guy named Alex Ramos. According to Mirrorless Rumors, the NX100 will be a 14.6 megapixel HD video capable (720p) camera with an ISO range of 100 to 6400. An electronic viewfinder can optionally be attached via the hotshoe, and there is no built-in flash.

Sony Alpha A560 and A580 DSLR Photos and Specs Leaked

A day after photos of the upcoming Sony A33 and A55 DSLR cameras (rumored to have pellicle mirrors) were leaked, photos and specs of what appear to be the upcoming A560 and A580 cameras have also sprung up. Like the photos leaked yesterday, the front view of the two cameras show exactly the same body with only the model number Photoshopped. Not sure why this is.

The two cameras will be 14 and 16 megapixels (respecitively), and will offer features similar to comparable cameras from the Canon and Nikon camps. These include an ISO range of 100-12800, 1080p HD video recording, 15 autofocus points, 5 frame per second shooting, and a swiveling LCD on the back.

Photos of the Upcoming Sony A33 and A55 DSLRs Leaked

Alleged photographs of the upcoming Sony Alpha A33 and A55 DSLR cameras have popped up in an overseas forum. The images look legitimate, though the A55 and A33 front views are identical images that had the model number Photoshopped. Not sure why that is.

These two cameras are rumored to be pellicle mirror cameras. Read this post that we wrote last week to learn more about what pellicle mirrors are.