Photographer 3D Printed a 300mm Extension Tube for 5X Macro Photos

Photographer Nicholas Sherlock—whose impressive 3D-printed DIY creations have appeared on PetaPixel before—is at it again. This time, he's created a fully-functional 300mm extension tube, complete with contacts for aperture control and autofocus, so that he can go out and shoot insane 5x macro photos.

Extension Tubes Open Up a Whole New World of Photography

With travel photography, one of the issues is prioritizing equipment. You simply can’t carry everything you could possibly want to bring; if you do, it often hampers the overall travel experience as you’re weighed down by equipment and have to constantly look after it.

Cheap, Light, and Slim: Shooting Macro with a Pancake Lens

A few weeks ago, I traveled to the Central Valley of Costa Rica for a professional development opportunity through work. While my week in Central America was focused on improving leadership skills and cultural intelligence, I was stoked for the little free time I had for dedicated bug photography.