Olympus Patents ‘High-Performance’ Drone Camera

A patent recently that was recently unearthed purports to show a high-end drone camera that Olympus has been working on. PetaPixel has obtained the full patent application, which describes a camera system that would feature a high-end zoom lens and high-performance sensor.

Hover Camera is a Tiny Hovering Drone Cam That Follows You Around

Most drone cameras are all about giving you crazy aerial perspectives or carrying heavy and expensive camera gimbals, but the Hover Camera is not that kind of drone. Created by Zero Zero Robotics, the little drone cam is more like a tiny hovering friend that'll follow you around taking pictures and video.

More Details on the Upcoming Canon 4K Camera

Late last month, at a press event in China, Canon showed off a glimpse of the 4K camera it's planning to launch in the near future. At the time the camera was reported to have a 1-inch CMOS sensor, a fixed 10X lens (24-240mm equiv.), built-in W-Fi, and an external viewfinder. We're hearing a few more details about the camera now as Canon gets it ready for an unveiling.