A woman sits on a bench in front of a river while holding a cigarette.

‘Tish’ Documentary Honors the Late British Photographer Tish Murtha

Social documentary photographer Tish Murtha may not have garnered much acclaim for her photographic work while alive, but it is, nevertheless, powerful in what it portrays and remains relevant to this day. A new documentary titled Tish explores Murtha’s career and images with guidance from her daughter, Ella.

The Difficulties One Woman Faced to Become a Photojournalist in Somalia

Breaking through the barriers of cultural and gender norms in Somalia, Fardosa Hussein shares what it took for her to be able to practice what she is passionate about -- photography, videography, and journalism -- in a place where such a career is viewed with hostility and is, at times, dangerous for women.

What It Takes To Be A White House Photographer

Pete Souza is one of the most well-known photographers in the world mainly due to his work as the photographer for United States Presidents Ronald Reagan and Barack Obama. In this 5-minute video, he explains what is required of someone in that role.

‘Where Are They Burning the Bodies’: Documenting the Ebola Outbreak in Liberia

Editor's Note: Be advised, some might find the following photographs disturbing.

On August 27, documentary photographer Kieran Kesner boarded Delta airlines flight 2608 for his first ever international assignment for the Wall Street Journal. Four layovers later, he arrived in Liberia, where he was now tasked with documenting the Ebola outbreak in all its unspeakable horror.