A Primer on Speeding Up Your Photoshop Workflow with Actions

Adobe Photoshop serves as an important process in many photographer’s daily workflows. Whether you are fine-tuning your shots from a wedding or simply touching up a photograph of your cat, Photoshop can help you bring your mind’s visualizations to life. However, you may be utilizing more of your time than needed if you employ repetitive actions without the use of macros.

Video Tutorial: How to Create Clean, Flawless Photoshop Actions

Photoshop actions can be a critical resource in any photographer’s workflow. Turning otherwise monotonous tasks into an autonomous utility, actions are created by manually performing a series of steps and recording them as an ATN file. This ATN file can then be ‘played’ in the future, when you’re looking to repeat those actions on future images, without the hassle of repeating the now-recorded workflow.

But where do you even get started with creating an action? And how can you effectively plan them out as to not cause any errors when trying to use them in the future? Well, Phlearn has us covered in their latest video, which breaks down the steps to creating and using an effective, flawless action.

Tutorial Shows Off Effective and Efficient Method of Smoothing Out Skin in Portraits

When retouching skin on a subject, there’s a fine balance to strike between smoothing out a rough skin texture and keeping the skin looking natural. There are no shortage of ways to find this balance, but in the above tutorial Michael Woloszynowicz of Vibrant Shot shows us his method for achieving the desired results in an efficient and effective manner (something of a gift he has).

The Business of Style

Recently, I was looking through a photo gallery of a potential new hire and was a bit dismayed by her use of a particular photo enhancement editing choice. All of her photos were very overly processed with multiple styles, much like the photo below.  She did have a wonderful eye, and her composition and posing were really lovely. But her processing choices really distracted from the beauty of her work. The people in her photos didn’t look real.