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Tutorial Shows Off Effective and Efficient Method of Smoothing Out Skin in Portraits

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When retouching skin on a subject, there’s a fine balance to strike between smoothing out a rough skin texture and keeping the skin looking natural. There are no shortage of ways to find this balance, but in the above tutorial Michael Woloszynowicz of Vibrant Shot shows us his method for achieving the desired results in an efficient and effective manner (something of a gift he has).

Screen Shot 2014-05-21 at 10.25.13 AM

The ten minute video walks you through the entire process, detailing the various steps Woloszynowicz goes through to get the desired result, but he doesn’t stop there. To help keep things simple, he’s made a free action available for download so that this quick and effective method can be applied near-instantly instead of taking the few manual minutes of work demonstrated above.

Over on Fstoppers, he details the entire process with even more words and images. So give the video above a watch and then head over to the link below for an even more comprehensive rundown.

A Simple Way to Even Out Rough Skin Texture and Pores [Fstoppers]

1 Comment