Zhiyun’s Cinepeer Weebill 3E is a Compact Gimbal for Content Creators

A person with short, curly hair wearing a gray t-shirt smiles while holding a professional camera mounted on a stabilizer. The person is outdoors, with a stone building in the blurred background, and has a black backpack slung over their shoulder.

Zhiyun has announced the new $249 Cinepeer Weebill 3E Gimbal that it describes as lightweight and compact as possible while still able to work with full-frame mirrorless cameras and “hefty” lenses.

The company says the new gimbal weighs just under a kilogram — 990 grams or about 2.2 pounds for the lite version — and can be packed to lie flat in a space smaller than an A4 piece of paper. The “Cinepeer” branding is meant to embody the idea of a “cinema companion” in the company’s mission to be the creative partner in its users’ visual storytelling. Following last year’s launch of the Weebill 3, the Weebill 3E has a similar design with the same payload (up to three kilograms), accessories, and the latest stabilization algorithms from the company which also supports vertical shooting with ease.

Two professional cameras mounted on mini tripods are set up on a grassy field under a partially cloudy sky. The equipment is positioned at different heights, with the larger camera on the right and the smaller one on the left, capturing the outdoors.

The system was designed to be budget and social-media-friendly, with the ability to quickly switch between vertical and horizontal orientations without the need for rebalancing and additional accessories. The gimbal also features the upgraded “Sling Mode 2.5,” which includes an attachable wrist rest and adjustable sling grip to help reduce strain by over 40% and maintain stability at shallow angles.

A person is holding a camera on a gimbal with a Bluetooth icon indicating Bluetooth shutter control functionality. A woman stands in the background, slightly blurred. Text reads "Bluetooth Shutter Control" and a disclaimer about camera compatibility on the Zhiyun website.

Close-up image showing two customizable buttons on a white device with blue accents. The left side features a large, rectangular button with a textured surface, while the right side shows a circular, ridged button. The text "Customizable Buttons" is displayed at the top.

The updated gimbal supports Bluetooth shutter controls to start/stop photos and recordings for fast shooting. The system also has customizable settings (including motion lapse and hyperlapse) that can be monitored and adjusted quickly using the integrated OLED display. Shortcuts can be applied to the trigger and dial buttons near the grip, allowing rapid switching between favorite shooting modes, specialized functions, as well as camera settings like ISO, aperture, and more.

A man in an urban setting holds a camera mounted on a stabilizer. He's wearing a gray t-shirt and a backpack. The background shows city buildings and cars. An inset image shows two different types of camera stabilizers.

A person holds a camera mounted on a gimbal against a clear blue sky. The text "Sling Mode 2.5" is displayed on the left. The camera is black, and the gimbal has a gray handle with an extended support grip. The person is partially visible, wearing a white shirt.

The company says the Weebill 3E features an improved 2,650 mAh battery capable of operating up to 16 hours per full charge (takes approximately two hours of charging using QC and 2.75 hours to charge using USB-PD) and is compatible across a wide selection of cameras including Sony, Nikon, Canon, Panasonic, Fujifilm, and OM System.

A person with curly hair smiles while holding a professional camera mounted on a handheld stabilizer. They appear to be outdoors, with a colorful building and greenery blurred in the background.

It is worth noting that while the system boasts many powerful features, it is meant for lighter setups and not fully loaded rigs with cages, audio, and lighting since the maximum payload is three kilograms.

Three views of a handheld camera gimbal stabilizer are depicted against a white background. The gimbal holds a camera in various positions, showcasing the handle with control buttons, joystick, and a display screen. The stabilizer is designed to reduce shake during filming.

The Zhiyun Cinepeer Weeble 3E is available now for $249.

Image credits: Zhiyun