Study Reveals The ‘Most Selfie-Obsessed States’ in The US

A woman with braided hair smiles while taking a selfie with a blue smartphone. She is wearing a red top and standing in front of an American flag.

Florida is the “most selfie-obsessed state” in the U.S., according to a recent study.

According to Fox 35 News, a study by Spinbet analyzed posts from social media sites such as Instagram, Facebook, X (the platform formerly known as Twitter), and YouTube.

The company then used the social media listening tool Brandwatch to observe the U.S. states where Americans were taking photos and sharing selfies the most across the country.

According to Spinbet’s research, Florida took the top spot as the most selfie-obsessed state in the U.S. with 123,000 mentions of the term “selfie” online.

The state of Texas took second place with 109,000 mentions of the word “selfie” online. Meanwhile, the study said that California was the third most selfie-obsessed state in the country with 102,000 mentions of the word.

Meanwhile, the state of New York took fourth place with 99,000 online mentions of the term “selfie” — and Illinois completed the top five with 41,000 mentions.

selfie obsessed states

According to Spinbet’s report, the least selfie-obsessed state in the U.S. is North Dakota.

This is not the first time that the residents of Florida have been deemed as obsessed with selfies in a study. Time Magazine previously conducted a survey of the most selfie-obsessed cities in the world. The magazine pulled a database of 400,000 Instagram photos posted over a recent ten-day span that were both tagged with #selfie and included geographical coordinates.

The number of selfies taken was then compared to the area’s total population and ranked by the number of #selfies per 100,000 residents. Makati City and Pasig, both in the Philippines, came in as joint-first as the world’s selfie capital.

Meanwhile, Miami in Florida was named the third most selfie-obsessed city in the world. Although, Manhattan in New York came in second in Time Magazine’s survey.

While selfies have become a ubiquitous part of daily life in most major cities, there is one European city where it may not be so commonplace: Berlin.

In Berlin, Germany — where privacy, living in the moment, and counterculture are highly valued — selfies are simply not the done thing. When it comes to sharing photos of themselves on social networks, such as a selfie on Instagram, researchers at the University of Hohenheim found that “only a few Germans” found it “useful” to do so.

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