Fotodiox’s Clever New GFX Stitching Adapter Digitizes 4×5 View Cameras

A large format camera with a bellows focusing system is positioned against a cloudy sky, emphasizing its lens and intricate design details.

Fujifilm GFX owners can easily mount their medium-format mirrorless camera to any large-format 4×5 view camera with a Graflok back using Fotodiox’s new 4×5 GFX Stretch Stitch Adapter.

The adapter essentially turns a GFX camera — any specific GFX model will work — into a digital back for a 4×5 camera. However, the most common image area for a 4×5 camera is four by five inches (10.2 by 12.7 centimeters). A GFX camera’s image sensor is 4.4 by 3.3 centimeters. This means a photographer must stitch together multiple GFX photos to take full advantage of the 4×5 view camera’s imaging plane.

A close-up of a large format camera mounted on a tripod outdoors, focusing on its intricate black body and controls, with a blurred green park background.

A large format camera mounted on a tripod, positioned outdoors with a scenic lake and lush trees in the background. the bellows of the camera are fully extended.

A large format camera mounted on a tripod, featuring a bellows and a lens facing a lush green outdoor backdrop.

A professional digital camera mounted on a tripod, facing a scene of blooming pink cherry trees in an outdoor park.

The Fotodiox Shift Stretch Adapter includes precise markings and diagrams to help photographers precisely slide their mounted GFX camera to capture the necessary frames for the full panorama image. Depending on the camera’s orientation and desired output, there are designated markings photographers should use. It may sound complicated, but Fotodiox’s video below breaks it down very well.

As seen in the video, photographers have multiple stitching modes available. If someone wants just a single frame, that’s fine, too. They can take advantage of the very center of a large-format lens with a rather heavy crop factor.

Two hands holding a fotodiox gfx stretch adapter, which enables the use of large format lenses on medium format cameras. the black adapter is displayed with measurement markings and orientation labels.

Photographers should keep some things in mind to take advantage of the large-format image area through stitching. ISO, exposure, and white balance settings should be set manually to ensure a consistent look across multiple frames. Further, the selected subject should be stationary, like when shooting any panorama.

A collage displaying a panoramic photograph of a blooming pink tree along with an image of a digital camera mounted on a tripod, positioned to capture the scene.

A composite image showing six photographs of a lush green park with trees, with close-ups and wide shots. two images display cameras capturing the scenes, one a dslr and the other a vintage camera.

A montage of images featuring a wooden bridge in a serene, green park setting, captured through different angles with a large format camera displayed in the foreground.

A series of three images showing a wooden dock on a lake, each focusing on different sections of the dock, beside a large-format camera set up on a tripod aimed at the scene.

Further, only some view cameras will work with this adapter. For starters, it must have a Graflok rear standard back. Particular lens and bellows combinations that require a lens to be close to the film plane for infinity focus may not focus to infinity when used with the new GFX adapter. Further, the adapter will not work on 4×5 field cameras, like the Graflok Crown Graphic, due to focus issues.

Fotodiox recommends against using its adapter on 4×5 field cameras altogether, instead only recommending the adapter’s use on 4×5 view cameras. This is due primarily to control over focus.

Additional Sample Images

A vibrant pink flowering tree in sharp focus against a blurred background of green trees and a grey roof.

A sunny, verdant orchard with close focus on the textured bark of a tree trunk on the left, contrasting with the blurred, leafy green backdrop.

A picturesque wooden bridge with a circular arch design over a small creek, surrounded by flourishing green trees and bushes in a lush, serene forest setting.

A wooden pier with metal cleats floats on calm blue water, showing signs of weathering and algae accumulation along its submerged edges.

Pricing and Availability

All that said, the adapter can help photographers digitize their 4×5 large-format cameras and capture some huge photos. The Fotodiox Pro Shift / Stitch Lens Adapter is available now for $220.

Image credits: Fotodiox