Ranking Every Camera Maker’s Software (They’re All Bad) | The PetaPixel Carcast

Almost every camera manufacturer makes its own photo editing software, but we aren’t super enthused to use any of them — especially if camera features are locked behind them.

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As long as there is no real reason to ever download it and fire it up, it’s actually not a big deal if a camera company’s software doesn’t work great. Photographers are using third-party software like Adobe Lightroom and Capture One a majority of the time and it probably isn’t unusual for them to never feel the need to download first-party software.

That was until companies started locking features behind these programs. For example, Canon Dual Pixel RAW requires the use of Digital Photo Professional and Sony requires photographers fire up Imaging Edge if they want to use Pixel Shift Multi-Shot. Neither of these programs are intuitive to use and, perhaps worse, they are frustratingly slow and prone to crashing.

So, looking at the state of photography in 2024, Chris, Jordan, and I asked ourselves this: how is it acceptable that all these programs are just varying degrees of bad? The three of us dig into it while driving from San Jose to San Francisco in the first-ever PetaPixel Carcast!

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