Master Match Software Can Color Match a Camera to Any Other Camera

Picture Instruments says its Master Match Software can turn any color into any other color, making it ideal for color matching different cameras together or making any camera’s photos or videos look like they were captured with a different camera.

The software promises to allow editors to synchronize any camera to any other camera, including drone, action camera, iPhone recordings, film, or any modern mirrorless camera. In short, any output from any capture device can be matched, even without a color chart, thanks to what Picture Instruments calls its “Master Match algorithm.”

Picture Instruments says its algorithm can calculate all unknown colors in a “novel 3D interpolation process.” The company says the algorithm works theoretically with a single known color pair and becomes more accurate with additional color values.

“With a large library of camera models to chose from, Master Match lets you apply popular camera looks to your own footage quickly. The 3D LUT and ICC Profile output can be used in almost any video and photo application,” Picture Instruments says.

After color shift

“The software also lets you extract looks from images if you haven’t used a reference card at all. You simply pick the colors in the image that you want to match and the Master Match algorithm calculates all the other colors through a unique and powerful 3D interpolation. Not only can you use this technique to match cameras if you have no color card, you can also match your image to a specific look from a screenshot.”

The software can not only match any camera to any other camera, but editors can apply the looks from a list of camera like an Arri Alexa or a Red Dragon to footage captured with any other camera.

“Also, for the first time ever, you can steal looks. A before/after image pair that you want to emulate or even a single screenshot of a desired look are enough for Master Match to produce,” the company adds.

Master Match is available directly from Picture Instruments for both Mac and PC for $289. The company also offers a free preview of the software for those interested in testing it out before purchasing.