Nextorage’s New CFexpress 4.0 Type B Cards Are VPG400 and Up to 1.3TB

Nextorage CFexpress 4.0 Type B cards, shown on a wooden desk. Lifestyle image.

Nextorage’s NX-B2PRO CFexpress Type B memory cards promise high-level read and write performance, including maximum read and write speeds of 3,900 and 3,600 MB/s, respectively.

CFexpress 4.0 Type B memory cards and readers are becoming much more common. Last week at CP+, OWC announced a new card reader to go with the cards it released last fall and Wise released new cards and a new reader. Fellow Compact Flash Association (CFA) member Nextorage was not to be left out, as the Japanese memory company announced new cards and a faster reader as well.

The company’s new cards have also passed the CFA’s stringent Video Performance Guarantee (VPG) testing, earning VPG400 certification. This means that the new cards are guaranteed to sustain at least 400 MB/s write speed. The new NX-B2PRO cards, available in four capacities ranging from 165GB to 1.3TB, are all featured on the CFA’s list of VPG-certified cards.

Nextorage says the cards also feature unique power-saving technology called “Dynamic Auto Power Save” to reduce the camera’s battery consumption during sustained video recording. It’s unclear how this is achieved, but the company says it has ensured sustained write speeds through thermal engineering.

Product image of a Nextorage CFexpress 4.0 Type B memory card against a white background.

While cameras aren’t yet available to take full advantage of the impressive CFexpress 4.0 standard, the new cards are significantly faster when transferring files to a computer, at least when used with compatible CFexpress 4.0 readers. The new CFexpress 4.0 cards are also fully backward compatible with CFexpress 2.0 hardware.

Alongside blazing-fast speeds, the new cards are resistant to various hazards, including heat, impacts, X-ray and ultraviolet radiation, magnetic resistance, and electrostatic shocks. The cards come with a five-year product warranty.

Speaking of readers, Nextorage has a new one of those too. The NX-SB1PRO CFexpress Type B Card Reader uses a 40Gbps interface to deliver a maximum promised transfer rate of 5,000 MB/s, beyond the CFexpress 4.0’s theoretical limit of 4,000 MB/s.

The reader also promises stable performance due to its unique heat sink structure that Nextorage says ensures high heat dissipation during use.

The Nextorage NX-B2PRO cards should be arriving in stores later this year. While all four capacities, 165GB, 330GB, 660GB, and 1,300GB (1.3TB) all feature pSLC NAND flash memory technology, it is worth noting that precise performance specifications vary by card capacity.

The company’s product page explains that maximum read speeds range from 3,700 to 3,900 MB/s and minimum sustained write speeds are 3,400 MB/s for the three smallest cards and 3,200 MB/s for the 1.3TB CFexpress card.

Image credits: Nextorage