OWC Announces Its First CFexpress Type A Cards, and They Are Very Fast

OWC Atlas Pro CFexpress 4.0 Type A memory cards

Other World Computing (OWC), a leading computer hardware and software provider, has announced four exciting new storage solutions for photographers and videographers, including new Atlas Pro CFexpress 4.0 Type A memory cards for Sony cameras.

Starting with OWC’s Atlas Pro CFexpress 4.0 Type A memory card, the company’s first CFexpress Type A cards. Designed and built to deliver high performance with Sony’s latest mirrorless cameras, the Atlas Pro CFexpress 4.0 Type A card comes in 480GB and 960GB capacities and promises read and write speeds up to 1,850 MB/s and 1,700 MB/s, respectively. These are some very impressive numbers.

OWC Atlas Pro CFexpress 4.0 Type A memory cards

Now, the cards only have VPG 200 certification, but with high sustained write speeds, OWC promises that the new cards will work with all of Sony’s most demanding video modes, including 8K and slow-motion video recording. The cards are also well-suited to high-resolution RAW recording and high-speed burst photography (like 120 frames per second on the new Sony a9 III).

OWC Atlas Pro CFexpress 4.0 Type A memory cards

While no cameras support the CFexpress 4.0 standard yet, there are card readers for them, including OWC’s Atlas CFexpress Type B card reader. While CFexpress Type A and B cards are different sizes, OWC will include a Type A-to-Type B adapter with its new cards, ensuring they can fully utilize OWC’s existing CFexpress 4.0 Type B card reader.

“With the CFA 4.0 specifications, industry-leading VPG 200 certification, along with the rigorous testing and manufacturing standards of WOC, these Atlas CFexpress Type A memory cards will unlock access to the highest quality settings enabling Sony shooters to reap the benefits of high-speed and reliability,” says Larry O’Connor, Other World Computing Founder and CEO.

OWC Atlas Pro CFexpress 4.0 Type A memory cards

“These cards also benefit from the capability to be upgraded and monitored with our Innergize software, which provides the peace of mind that one’s vision will be captured reliably,” O’Connor continues.

The referenced Innergize software is vital to the Atlas memory card ecosystem. The software can check the health of Atlas cards and clean and restore them to ensure optimal performance, especially during demanding tasks such as high-bit-rate video recording. Atlas owners can also upgrade firmware for their cards through Innergize.

The Atlas Pro CFexpress 4.0 Type A memory cards are available to preorder now and will ship in May directly from OWC and other authorized retailers. The 480GB card will retail for $320, while the 960GB version is $520. The Atlas CFexpress card readers start at $80.

Image credits: OWC