Organize Your Accessories With Think Tank’s Improved Cable Pouches

Think Tank Cable Management pouches upgraded

Think Tank has launched new and improved versions of its popular Cable Management pouches.

Although new cable management solutions are not the most exciting product announcement ever, any photographer or videographer who has struggled to organize their cables knows all too well how important it is to control rogue wires and accessories. Nobody likes struggling to find what they need out in the field, especially when time is of the essence.

Think Tank’s updated Cable Management pouch lineup features a new smaller size option, more features, better organization, and expanded capacity. “The Think Tank Cable Management pouches keep your cables and tech accessories contained and easy to access,” promises Think Tank.

The Cable Management pouches, which come in four sizes, ranging from “5” (the smallest) to “30” (the largest), each feature a clear front and back material, allowing users to see what’s inside the pouch, plus a mesh back pocket with a transparent cover to store smaller items. The bags also include a fold-away main compartment divider, allowing for user customization and more organization.

Think Tank Cable Management pouches upgraded
Screenshot from Think Tank’s Cable Management video, seen above, that shows the four bag sizes side-by-side.

Think Tank has made improvements to the durability and design of its Cable Management line. The wide zippered top opening promises quick access to the contents of the case, and the pouches include a double-diamond rip-stop weather-resistant material. The new Cable Management 20 and 30 pouches also have grab-and-go handles, making the cases easy to pull out of a large bag.

Think Tank Cable Management pouches upgraded

Think Tank Cable Management pouches upgraded

Compared to the older versions of the Cable Management pouches, the revised versions sport more rugged material and a darker, more modern design.

Each Cable Management pouch ships with three of Think Tank’s popular Red Whips, which are adjustable elastic cable ties that are built to last. These can also be purchased separately for $12.75 for a dozen.

Think Tank Cable Management pouches upgraded

Think Tank’s new Cable Management pouches start at $19.75 for the Cable Management 5 and range to $32.75 for the largest Cable Management 30 bag.

The complete details for each of the new Cable Management pouches, including their respective dimensions, are available on Think Tank’s website.

Image credits: Think Tank