StreamWork is a New Visually-Focused Workflow Management System

StreamWork is a new creative workflow management platform that is designed for creative teams and focused on visuals reviews. It is meant to replace the haphazard group of platforms like Slack, Zoom, and emails and get everything in one place.

The software platform was designed to support marketing teams and agencies that work with visual creative professionals like photographers and graphic designers. The company says it has created a system that is not only easy to use, but can also serve as a one-stop-shop for creative feedback collection, automated stakeholder approvals flows, and project management.

Currently, many companies and agencies manage most visual assets — and changes to them after feedback — through email or via an assortment of messaging apps. StreamWork aims to make this process more visible through a consolidated platform that keeps all feedback and changes in one place. It’s not a particularly new concept, but StreamWorks believes it has the best option in the space.

“StreamWork is the platform I wish I had access to in all of my previous roles,” Meredith Bailey, Founder and CEO of StreamWork, says. Bailey has over a decade of experience launching creative assets within large teams at Apple, Google, YouTube, and Warner Bros. 


“Most teams today are still collecting feedback and approvals via email, Zoom, or Slack – platforms that aren’t built for visual review. Moreover, internal teams are increasingly dependent on freelancers and vendors that use different tools – making it a challenge to keep everyone on the same page. We created StreamWork to solve this headache and make it simple to control who you collaborate with on creative, internal or external, at any time.”

The company says that it eliminates the “silos” that feedback is often broken up between and replaces it with a single, transparent place where teams can access and weigh-in on any file type shared with them in a visual way. Feedback collected on a visual asset is trackable over time.

StreamWork is available in three tiers: Free, Starter, and Team that support three, 10, and 20 users respectively. Each tier also provides additional features and more storage space. Free is, as expected, free while the Starter tier costs $18 per user and the Team tier costs $36 per user. Full breakdowns of what each provides can be found on the company’s website.

Image credits: StreamWork