Adobe’s New V4 Promises Across-the-Board Improvements version 4 announced

Ahead of NAB 2024, Adobe has unveiled the next generation of its cloud-based workflow platform. V4 (version four) is streamlined, simplified, and significantly more powerful.

“ V4 is designed to meet the complex needs of creative teams delivering personalized content at scale by centralizing feedback, reducing the need for revisions, and accelerating the hand-off of media assets,” Adobe promises. V4 has been rebuilt from the ground up. It features all-new workflow management capabilities that offer dynamic metadata and a new smart folder system called “Collections.” version 4 announced

The platform is designed to accelerate workflow file management and collaboration, so version four features completely reworked file transfer, media asset review and approval, sharing, and presentation features.

“As the demand for all content types — from video and images to design and documents — continues to skyrocket, the needs of’s community have evolved. Companies, brands and individuals all need one unified platform that streamlines how teams and stakeholders come together to ideate, collaborate and create, no matter the creative project,” says Emery Wells, co-founder of and VP of the Creative Product Group at Adobe. version 4 announced

“With all-new capabilities that achieve clear, centralized feedback, fewer revisions, and faster delivery of media assets, V4 is a game-changer for all creatives and production teams — offering the space for greater focus to deliver their best work,” Wells continues.

Drilling down on the revamped file management, whereas the previous version of relies upon a rigid folder structure, V4 is significantly more flexible. Users can tag, organize, and view media differently depending on their team’s workflow preferences. File structure is dynamic, adjusted in real-time, and able to be easily filtered, grouped, and sorted using metadata — a substantial step-up from before. version 4 announced

There is also a unified, redesigned media player architecture that delivers a more immersive viewing experience with consistent control layouts across different media types. Leaving feedback is a big part of, and that experience has also been improved, including an overhauled commenting system with over a dozen new features. Finally, sharing and presentation features are revamped.

Adobe promises that V4 will be more useful for various use cases, including casting and auditions, location scouting, daily footage reviews, marketing campaign management, and more. This is good news for photographers and videographers as native connectivity becomes increasingly more common in various cameras.

Adobe has also revealed that over four million users have already embraced V4 will be available first as a beta for Free and Pro customers, starting today. Adobe Enterprise users will get access later this year.

Image credits: Adobe