Phase One’s Capture One Pro 9.2 Has New Workflow Improvements

Phase One has announced the latest version of its Capture One Pro imaging software. Version 9.2 brings new features that are designed to help improve a professional photographer’s editing workflow.

An overview of the new features found in 9.2 is presented in the 4-minute video above. The improvements include ways to access assets quickly and precisely, a new “Select Set” method of rating and culling, a new color management module, and a new shortcut engine.

“Pro photographers deserve a strong ally to vanquish workflow issues and give them the most reliable, efficient workflow and performance,” says Phase One product manager James Johnson. “Capture One Pro 9.2 is about workflow, not work!”

You can purchase Capture One Pro 9.2 for $299 if you’re a new customer. Existing users of versions 7 or 8 can upgrade for $99.