Ondu Eikan is a Modular Large Format Camera Designed to ‘Grow With You’

Ondu Eikan

The Ondu Eikan is a large format camera system designed to “grow” with photographers thanks to its modular design.

Available to back on Kickstarter, the Eikan is a 4×5 camera that promises to serve as “the perfect gateway to large format photography.” As photographers improve their skills or their needs change, they can enhance and adapt the Ondu Eikan.

The Ondu Eikan 4×5 has three primary “modules,” including Standard, Range, and “Panoramikku.” The Standard setup is the lightest version of the camera and includes a rigid back and a movable front standard.

Ondu Eikan
Ondu founder Elvis Halilović with the Ondu Eikan

“Perfect for a lightweight setup that will undoubtedly be a perfect fit for most large format photographic adventures. It has a bellows range of 32cm and features a rear and front zeroing mechanism ensuring a quick and effortless initial setup,” Ondu explains, adding that the Ondu Eikan Standard is the “easiest entry” for photographers looking to begin their large format journey.

Ondu Eikan
Ondu Eikan 4×5 Standard

For photographers using the Eikan for macro photography or with long focal length lenses, the Eikan 4×5 Range module includes longer bellows and a rear sliding rail.

“This means that the total extension reaches all the way up to 420mm,” Ondu says. The extra versatility adds about 100 grams to the total weight, bringing the Ondu Eikan 4×5 Range up to 1,600g.

Ondu Eikan
Ondu Eikan 4×5 Range

Swapping between the Standard to the Range variant requires repositioning 10 screws, changing the bellows, and adding the rail. Ondu says the entire conversion, which requires a hex key, takes 10 to 15 minutes. Ondu also says that due to the nature of the camera’s components, this is not meant to be a frequent conversion, but rather an eventual upgrade.

However, swapping between the Range and Panoramikku variant can be done on a regular basis and does not require tools. The conversion takes “a matter of minutes.”

Ondu Eikan
Ondu Eikan 4×5 Panoramikku

The Ondu Eikan 4×10 Panoramikku shares many components with the Range variant but adds a new bellows and rear standard to fit the panoramic film format.

Additional Features

The Ondu Eikan is compatible with Linhof lens boards and features a foldable design for easy transport and storage. It is compatible with standard sheet film holders and utilizes magnets to secure the bellows and back to the camera.

The camera is Graflock compatible and features premium materials, including anodized aluminum and walnut wood for “durability and unmatched design.”

The camera has front zeroing locks, a zeroing indicator for the bottom of the front standard, and micro linear rails that promise precise focusing.

Pricing and Availability

The Ondu Eikan Standard camera starts at $700 with early bird pricing, a 26 percent discount compared to the eventual retail price. The Range variant is $950 on Kickstarter, while the Panoramikku is $1,400. A Range plus Panoramikku kit is also available for $1,970.

The Ondu Eikan 4×5 Standard is expected to ship in January, with additional variants scheduled to arrive the following month. Full details are available on the Ondu Eikan Kickstarter page.

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Image credits: Ondu