ProGrade’s Latest-Gen Gold CFexpress Cards Get Capacity Boost to 2TB

ProGrade Digital CFexpress

ProGrade Digital has announced a higher 2TB capacity option for its third-generation CFexpress Type B Gold memory cards.

The company launched this most recent generation of its Gold series CFexpress cards in January, but they capped out at a maximum capacity of 1TB. That puts its offerings in-line with what competitors have available at the mid-range performance tier, such as Lexar’s Gold Series memory cards that were announced in April.

Most memory card companies offer a set of options at different performance tiers, and ProGrade is no different. The company’s CFexpress Type B cards — which is the larger CFexpress design that works with recent cameras produced by Canon and Nikon, but not the smaller Type A design that Sony uses — are divided into two tiers: Gold and Cobalt. Both have similar read performance numbers, but ProGrade’s Cobalt cards promise faster write speeds and they tend to test much better overall when compared to the more affordable Gold series cards. Of note, ProGrade’s Cobalt cards perform better, but are available in lower capacities to compensate.

ProGrade Digital CFexpress

ProGrade recently upgraded the capabilities of its Gold line cards and they now feature PCIe generation 3 interconnect with an NVMe1.4 host controller interface. The upgrade now allows them to perform with a read speed of up to 1,700 MB/s and have a burst write speed of 1,500 MB/s. ProGrade also states that they have a sustained write speed of up to 1,300 MB/s, which what the company says makes them ideally suited for high-resolution video capture applications.

To differentiate the new generation from prior generations, ProGrade says that the sustained write speed is now clearly stated on the card’s top label — not the burst performance which is typically printed there by other brands.

Now available in a huge capacity of 2TB, ProGrade’s founder and CEO Wes Brewer says that the card ensures “nearly all video capture modes can be utilized while also meeting traditional read speeds for quick offloading.”

ProGrade Digital CFexpress

The card features a metal enclosure for improved durability and heat dissipation and doubles down on that with thermal throttling built-in to protect the card from overheating. It is X-ray and shock-proof, is supported by a three-year warranty, and is compatible with ProGrade Digital’s Refresh Pro application.

ProGrade Digital’s 2TB capacity CFexpress Type B card is available for $800, basically twice the cost of the company’s recent 1TB capacity card that costs $400.

Image credits: ProGrade Digital