The PanaTrack is an Giant Bendable Camera Slider System

Panasonic PanaTrack camera slider system

Panasonic has announced PanaTrack, a new bendable camera slider system that allows users to quickly convert a linear track to a curved one. The PanaTrack system can be changed into a curved slider with a user-controlled radius in seconds.

On Panasonic Connect in Europe, Panasonic outlines PanaTrack, calling it a “highly flexible camera track system by Waterbird.”

The system’s key features are easy setup and compact transportation, a customizable shape that can cater to different production requirements, supported integration with the RP150 (rocker, joystick, and presets), quiet and smooth motion, and controls over speed (iris) and ramp (focus) during live operation.

The Panasonic RP150 touchscreen remote camera controller ($4,700) is the company’s newest remote controller for its professional PTZ camera lineup. It supports a one-hand operation joystick for PTZ or focus control and a large touch-panel LCD for monitoring and navigating menus.

Panasonic PanaTrack camera slider system
PanaTrack is useful for many different production scenarios, including live streaming and recording concerts, performances, and television shows.

PanaTrack supports payloads up to 15 kilograms (33 pounds) and can move its slider at up to 1.4 meters per second, which is just under 4.6 feet per second. PanaTrack must be at least two meters (6.56 feet) long and can be built up to 50 meters (164 feet) in length.

The system has many possible applications for recording and broadcasting events, concerts, corporate events, and even being used with television sets for TV shows and movies. For example, the PanaTrack could be set up to encircle a music group on stage or an orchestra, or it could be used around parts of a playing surface for sports, or to wrap around participants in an on-set interview.

Panasonic PanaTrack camera slider system

Panasonic PanaTrack camera slider system

Panasonic PanaTrack camera slider system

PanaTrack promises dynamic, smooth, and quiet motion that is highly customizable to the physical constraints of a location or the artistic vision of producers.

In the video above, the PanaTrack system looks simple to set up and adjust, although it’s difficult to tell just how smooth its motion is. Panasonic hasn’t described the slider’s minimum speed or the level of incremental control the operator has over movement speed.

According to News Shooter, PanaTrack will be available for under €10,000, which converts to around $10,675. However, the exact pricing has not been disclosed.

Image credits: Panasonic