Fujifilm’s X Summit and Fujikina Events Will Be Held in Bangkok in May

In January, Fujifilm announced that it would hold its X Summit in April. That was delayed and the company has said that it instead intends to hold the event on May 24 in Bangkok, Thailand.

Announced on the company’s YouTube channel, Fujifilm’s Yuji Igarashi says that while the plan was to hold the X Summit in April, it was delayed for reasons that weren’t explained and has instead been moved to the end of May.

“The next X Summit will be held on the 24th of May instead and it will take place in Bangkok,” Igarashi says. “Bangkok has been a destination for backpackers for a long time and is now a popular destination not only for backpackers, but for everyone. It is a fascinating city that everybody wants to visit at least once in their lifetime.”

The location was determined to be so perfect, Fujifilm is not just holding X Summit there, but also Fujikina 2023.

“Therefore, we have decided to hold our Fujikina Bangkok 2023 event to encourage users to enjoy our products and services in this particular city. X Summit on the 24th of May will be followed by Fujikina Bangkok on the 27th,” Igarashi continues.

“Please look forward to seeing the new products to be announced in a city which stimulates the appetite for travel.”

As expected, details of what will actually be announced weren’t made, but photographers will no doubt speculate based on the company’s emphasis on travel and adventure in the announcement.

Firmware Updates, Too

In addition to recapping updates to the X-H2S, the GFX Challenge Grant Program 2022 results, and the two Bangkok events planned for May, Fujifilm also announced that multiple GF and XF lenses received new firmware updates.

The update reduces the focusing noise produced by a lense that uses a linear motor. In addition, the company says it has updated the lenses to provide “a smoother aperture change experience in response to the aperture control operation.” Fujifilm says that it also improved the focus tracking performance while zooming, making it possible to zoom in on a subject while also keeping it in focus.

The new firmware is available today and the full list of lenses that can receive the update can be found on Fujifilm’s website.

Image credits: Header photo licensed via Depositphotos.