Picsart Launches Discord Server, Adds AI Image Generator Bot

Picsart Targets Adobe

Picsart is launching its official Discord server, which will be free to access while offering an additional three paid tiers.

Picsart is an image and video creation tool geared toward making content for social media. With Picsart, users can start with a blank canvas or a template to make Instagram stories, YouTube and Twitch headers, or thumbnails.

Picsart lets creators choose what type of image or video they want to make, like an Instagram story, for example, and the editing tool will automatically start users in a canvas of the proper size.

The Discord server is meant to offer a place for people to share creations like stickers and design templates. Picsart users will be able to talk about their creations and learn from one another. The server will also offer Picsart challenges, where people can download related challenge assets and enter the competitions to win.


Three Tiers

While the Picsart Discord server is free to access, the three tiers come with bonuses. The Sapphire Club level costs $3 a month and comes with a monthly prize pool raffle ticket, access to the “sapphire-shores” channel and the VIP forum “with Picsart Masters,” according to the Picsart Discord.

The next level, Diamond Club, runs $4 a month and will net two monthly prize pool raffle tickets, access to the Exclusive AI Forum and the “diamond-domain” channel, early access to Picsart server and bot features, as well as bonus challenge submissions.

Finally, The Ruby Club costs $10 and will give subscribers access to Picsart Gold, which unlocks premium features on the full site. A Picsart Gold subscription costs $5 on its own. In addition to the premium features, Ruby Club members get five monthly prize pool raffle tickets, access to the “the-ruby-lounge-channel,” the Innovators Forum, and early access to challenges.

Each tier also comes with its own badge and emoji drops for use within the Discord server. Additionally, the two higher tiers also open up extra content for the lower tears. This means a Diamond Club member will still get access to the Sapphire Club’s exclusive channel and its emojis, and the Ruby Club gets access to all three levels’ channels and emojis. Further, all new subscribers that join by May 16 will get 30 days of Picsart Gold, provided they don’t already subscribe to the premium content.

Picsart previously integrated with Discord’s App Directory back in October of last year. This brought the Picsart bot to Discord, which allows users to edit images within the social media platform. For example, you could take images and add a cartoon effect or remove the background to turn a creation into a sticker. The Picsart bot also lets servers set up challenges that others can submit to.

The Picsart bot will get a notable upgrade of its own, offering a text-to-image AI image generator, with the first 25 generated images being free. It’s fitting considering the explosion of AI image creation with tools like Midjourney and DALL-E. The Picsart bot upgrade will be available in the coming days.

The Picsart server itself is unique, as Discord shows it’s moving away from being gaming-only. In addition to be an early member of Discord’s App Directory, Picsart notes that its distribution deal with the social media platform was Discord’s first partnership with a platform outside the gaming space. And as of today, Picsart says it’s one of the first to take advantage of Discord’s new Server Subscription service, continuing that collaboration.