Meta working on AI labels

Meta Working on Labels for AI-Generated Content: Report

As Meta continues to work on its generative artificial intelligence (AI) tools, including an AI image generator that Meta claims is unrivaled, Meta appears to have ramped up development on numerous generative AI features for its apps, including labels that will allow creators to mark images as "generated by Meta AI."

Instagram Notes update

Instagram Status Updates Now Includes Songs and Translations

Six months ago, Meta introduced new sharing-focused features on Instagram, including Notes, Group Profiles, and new Stories functionality. As it turns out, Notes have proven very popular with young users, prompting Instagram to add more features to it including the ability to attach a 30-second clip of a song to a status update.

MGM Casinos Entice Younger Gamblers With New Photo Policy

Casinos have long been known for prohibiting photography, especially around gaming tables. However, in a move designed to attract younger gamblers, MGM Resorts International is implementing a new policy that allows guests to capture photos, videos, and even live streams.