Impossible Things Promises to be the World’s Most Advanced AI Photo Editor

Impossible Things

Lightroom preset developer DVLOP and SLR Lounge have partnered to release Impossible Things, an artificial intelligence-powered (AI) photo editor that works natively inside of Adobe Lightroom.

The two organizations claim that Impossible Things is the world’s most advanced AI photo editor that provides an intuitive, powerful editing tool that enhances photos “with speed, accuracy, and artistry.”

Impossible Things works inside of Lightroom and is billed as able to intelligently adapted over 38 separate slider predictions. The AI was trained on over one million DNG files, 200 different camera models, and 300 different lenses.

The system works in two steps. First, a photographer needs to select the images that they want to be edited — it can be any number, from as little as one to hundreds. After that, photographers need to just select a “look” they want to apply to these images, and Impossible Things processes everything immediately. Everything is applied directly inside of Lightroom Classic.

Impossible Things

“Not only does it incorporate camera profiles, it’s the only AI solution that incorporates a patent-pending ‘Lighting Condition Based Development’ system to adapt image color based on specific lighting conditions,” SLR Lounge and DVLOP say.

Impossible Things

DVLOP and SLR Lounge say that it is the only AI editing solution that works natively with Lightroom presets to modify itself situationally without additional training or catalog uploads. For photographers that don’t own or use any presets, the two companies say that Impossible Things includes an expanding library of “cloud styles” that give photographers access to a variety of popular looks.

According to SLR Lounge, Impossible Things is able to recognize and correctly edit every “common” scenario that a photographer faces, including mixed lighting, low light, and high dynamic range scenes.

Impossible Things

Photographers are given the ability to fine-tune the edit results as well through custom tuning which lets them adjust a selection of sliders — such as exposure, temperature, tint, and saturation — to exact specifications. Any changes made this way are synced in the cloud to allow them to be accessed on any computer.

“This new AI-powered solution provides an intuitive, powerful editing tool that enhances photos with speed, accuracy, and artistry,” SLR Lounge’s Pye Jirsa says. “The goal is to not only save photographers hundreds of hours each year, but to also improve the quality and consistency of their edits.”

Impossible Things is available as part of a subscription that has four tiers: free, $40, $50, and $100 per month. Each option that scales with needs and desired number of “edit credits.” For example, the lowest $40 a month tier offers 500 edit credits while the “Pro” $100 per month tier allows 2,500 edits. Those interested in trying out Impossible Things can do so for a limited free trial of 500 edits.

A more detailed breakdown of all the features and capabilities of Impossible Things can be found on SLR Lounge.

Image credits: Impossible Things