The H&Y Revoring Filter System Transforms to Fit Any Thread Size

H&Y Revoring

H&Y has announced the Revoring Filter system and new clip-on filters in what it claims is the first filter product that can attach to lenses of different thread sizes and eliminates filter adapter rings.

Stop Using Step-Up or Step-Down Rings?

The Revoring has a unique “self-retracting blade technology” with threaded ends that secure on the front of lenses. The company says that each threaded end has been designed to overlap and therefore any possibility of light leaking has been removed.

This “self-retracting blade” is visible in the first few seconds of the demonstration video below:

The rotating blades allow the Revoring to adapt to multiple filter sizes quickly and easily. It does have many moving parts, however, and how these will work over time and with the added element of dust and sand is still questionable.

The claims about totally eliminating adapter rings might be technically true, but it’s not a single miracle product either. H&Y offers three versions of the Revoring that cover three filter size ranges: 46-62mm, 58-77mm, and 67-82mm. Clearly, there is some overlap among them, but to cover the entire range of filter sizes, at least two will need to be purchased.

ND and Polarization Filters

In addition to the Revoring technology, H&Y has also launched a set of clip-on ND filters and its first circular polarizer. The ND filters come in ND4, 8, 16, and 400 in three sizes that match the three Revoring sizes. The circular polarizer uses German Schott B270 glass and includes anti-reflective coatings which the company says virtually eliminate all flare and reflections from the front and rear surfaces along with a light transmission of 97%. The company also claims that the use of accelerated inert-gas ions condense the deposited material into solid layers, making the glass dust and moisture resistant.

Magnetic Clip-On Filter System

H&Y made each of the Revorings and their protective caps out of aluminum, but the front of the Revoring and the rear of the caps are magnetic, making it easy to pop them on and off and keep the filter glass protected.

Those same magnets are compatible with a large number of H&Y filters which easily pop on and off but are held in place securely when in use. The company says that the magnetic system was developed with the sole purpose to solve the cross-polarization problem that takes place on traditional ND filters.

Cross polarization is a physical phenomenon that all variable neutral density filters have when paired with a wide-angle lens and is visible as an “X” pattern as the ring is turned. H&Y says that combining the magnetic clip-on ND together with the H&Y Revoring VND filters achieves a higher ND stop with no visible X-pattern.

For instance, to use a 16mm lens with 10-stop ND, users can turn the ND level to 1.5 stop (on the Revoring VND filter) and use an extra 8.5 stop (Clip-on ND) to achieve a 10-stop long exposure effect.

Pricing and Availability

The H&Y Revoring is available for between $184 and $259 depending on the selected size, the new circular polarizer is available for between $129 and $139, and the variable neutral density filter is available for between $184 and $259. All of the products that are compatible with the Revoring can be seen on H&Y’s website.