H&Y’s REVORING Black Mist Filters Provide Vintage Look, Fit Any Lens

Hong Kong-based company H&Y has announced a new series of Black Mist Filters designed to work with the existing variable “REVORING” and magnetic clip-on filter systems.

The REVORING system, announced in July of 2020 and the subject of a successful Kickstarter, was described by PetaPixel’s DL Cade as a simple and brilliant system that allowed photographers to use one system rather than needing to purchase a set of step-up rings for every size lens. Instead, the REVORING comes in four sizes which cover just about every lens size that exists.

The REVORING filter uses a system of self-retracting blades with threaded ends that overlap with each other to prevent any possible light leaks when mounted on a lens. These retracting blades allow a user to attach it to lenses with different filter sizes without having to use additional step-up rings. These and the Magnetic Caps are made from high-quality architectural grade aluminum with an anodized finish to maintain a lightweight but durable design. The magnetic clip-on filters are designed to work directly with existing REVORING systems and can be attached to the mount directly, making the new filters quick and easy to swap out.

These new Black Mist Filters use that same REVORING technology and are designed to suppress highlights, slightly smooth skin, and provide a vintage cinematic look to both photos and video.

The company seems to be targeting creatives looking to capture a “film-like” ambiance without having to spend excessive time in post-production. H&Y says that the Black Mist filter is designed to give a dreamy hint to pictures and especially video by creating a “pastel effect” to the whole picture. The company claims the filters will soften hard edges in the frame (especially around light sources where a soft glow is added) while retaining most of the contrast in the darker zones. The purpose of these filters is to help add a vintage “film look” by softening the sharpness and details captured in modern high-resolution digital cameras.

Because of the softening effect, the company also claims that any people in the shots will also have their skin “softened” effectively smoothing out blemishes and wrinkles, arguing that this makes the filters suitable for beauty and fashion projects by helping reduce time spent having to retouch the subject’s skin.

The H&Y REVORING Black Mist Filter is a combination of REVORING Variable Step Adapter and black mist filters available for $109 to $119, and the Black Mist Magnetic Clip-on filter is a new add-on magnetic circular black mist filter that can be added to existing REVORING Variable Neutral Density (VND) and Circular Polarizer (CPL) systems available for $119 to $289. These new filter systems will start shipping between August and September in two sizes, (46-62mm and 67-82mm) and three grades (0.125, 0.25, and 0.5).