Photo Editing App Bazaart Adds Video to Keep Up with Picsart

bazaart adds video editing support

Bazaart, mainly known as a photo editing and graphic design app, has announced video editing support on iOS. The addition of video support keeps its offerings in line with the extremely competitive app-based editing market.

What is Bazaart?

Bazaart is a Tel-Aviv-based AI-design app that was founded in 2012 and is ranked among the top 20 grossing apps on the iOS App Store’s Photo and Video category, and the top 10 grossing apps on the Google Play Art and Design category.

Bazaart says its goal is to help people create professional-looking designs with AI-driven tools, fast processing times, and simple interface. The app offers thousands of templates that are made by professional designers as well as curated design resources that make it easy for the average user to create designs and edits quickly.

Expansion into Video

The company has announced that the latest version of its iOS app adds video editing. Bazaart says that its easy-to-use tools allow anyone to create “studio-quality” videos in seconds, and users can apply elaborate video edits including a variety of cuts (like shapes or other transitions) as well as manipulating footage through erasing, blending, adding filters, and more.

Bazaart supports multiple video layers (though the company did not specify a maximum) and each layer can be edited independently. The company says changes are easy to revert if desired, and just as has been the case with its photo editing and graphic design offerings, Bazaart has several pre-made video templates available that were made by professional designers.

The company says that it decided to add video due to the rising demand for quality editing on social media, namely TikTok. It’s also likely that Bazaart noticed that its primary competitors already support video and that in order to remain competitive, it needed to make the jump as well.

Video editing is currently only supported on the iOS version of the app and the company did not specify when Android users could expect the functionality.

The addition of video doesn’t appear to have changed the company’s pricing model. Bazaart Premium, which adds the collection of templates, AI background removal tool, and allows access to all of the advanced tools, costs $12 per month or $72 per year.

Bazaart Photo and Video Editing App

A Competitive Space

Bazaart competes both in the personal and business space, pitting it against the likes of Picsart, Canva, and Adobe, and is one of several apps that offer a set of easy-to-use photo editing, graphic design, and now video editing tools on mobile devices.

The market is competitive. The leader is very likely Picsart, which boasts 150 million monthly active users and recently closed a round of funding with a $1.5 billion valuation. Adobe recently pivoted several of its services and added a few other features to form Creative Cloud Express, which did a good job making its many professional-level tools more accessible, but it’s not clear yet how popular the young service is. Canva also supports photo, video, and graphic design and boasted around 60 million monthly active users last fall.

Bazaart is estimated to have around two million monthly users, making it the smallest of the group.