Comparing the Cost of the Nikon Z9 and Canon R3 Around the World

It should come as no surprise that cameras cost varying amounts depending on which country they are purchased in. So which countries are charging the most for the Canon R3 or Nikon Z9, and which the least?

Nukeni is a website that aggregates data on a range of tech products including cameras to determine which countries are offering the cheapest and most expensive rates for the same products. The information is aggregated from different data sources depending on the product and then converted into dollars.

In the case of the R3, the website checked the launch price inclusive of tax for the EOS R3 on the Canon website for each of 26 different countries where it was able to glean that data. When taxes were not included in the price, the site calculated the totals with tax using the information on taxes in each country available. For the R3, that calculation was only applied to the United States and Canada. As residents of those two countries are well aware, the U.S. and Canada have different tax rates depending on where purchases are made, so Nukeni shows two prices: one for the product purchased in the location with the lowest tax rate, and one for the product purchased in the location with the highest tax rate.

Nukeni says that the exchange rates used for currency conversion are updated daily, so the prices shown on its website also change at the same rate. Additionally, while PetaPixel has chosen to arrange these prices in dollars, Nukeni offers the ability to change to a wide variety of global currencies.

At the time of publication, below are the prices for the R3 ranked, starting at the least expensive and ramping up to the most expensive:

  1. China: $5,782.72
  2. The United States: $5,999.00
  3. Malaysia: $6,329.88
  4. Australia: $6,463.86
  5. Japan: $6,560.70
  6. Switzerland: $6,575.38
  7. India: $6,679.43
  8. United States: $6,688.89
  9. Canada: $6,787.32
  10. Austria: $6,961.23
  11. Germany: $6,961.23
  12. France: $6,962.38
  13. Russia: $6,981.98
  14. Belgium: $7,078.42
  15. Netherlands: $7,078.42
  16. Poland: $7,167.01
  17. Italy: $7,298.90
  18. Finland: $7,425.39
  19. Canada: $7,433.73
  20. Spain: $7,472.96
  21. Denmark: $7,534.93
  22. Portugal: $7,600.60
  23. Sweden: $7,684.34
  24. Ireland: $7,763.06
  25. Vietnam: $7,866.40
  26. New Zealand: $7,901.68
  27. Norway: $7,967.92
  28. United Kingdom: $8,031.47

Both China and the United States sit as the cheapest countries to pick up the new R3, with Norway and the United Kingdom as the most expensive places to do it. The differences aren’t minor either. The United Kingdom can cost more than $1,000 than buying the R3 in a state that doesn’t charge sales tax, like Oregon. That gap narrows a bit for the states with the highest sales tax rate, but it’s still notably more expensive in the United Kingdom than anywhere in the United States.

For the Z9, the rankings change up quite a bit:

  1. United States: $5,499.95
  2. China: $5,626.42
  3. Canada: $5,938.06
  4. Japan: $6,126.54
  5. United States: $6,132.44
  6. India: $6,358.81
  7. Slovakia: $6,497.07
  8. Canada: $6,503.59
  9. Australia: $6,764.54
  10. Czechia: $6,939.77
  11. Belgium: $6,961.23
  12. Germany: $6,961.23
  13. Netherlands: $6,961.23
  14. Austria: $6,961.23
  15. Slovenia: $6,961.23
  16. France: $6,961.23
  17. Poland: $7,010.96
  18. Hungary: $7,075.18
  19. United Kingdom: $7,237.90
  20. Finland: $7,309.35
  21. Ireland: $7,309.35
  22. Switzerland: $7,477.17
  23. Denmark: $7,486.72
  24. Sweden: $7,624.62

According to these stats, the United States ends up being the cheapest country to buy a Z9 in right now. The United Kingdom still ranks as more than $1,100 more expensive than the U.S. in the highest sales tax state and over $1,700 more in the lowest tax state, but isn’t in the worst position this time. That falls to Sweden, where the Z9 will cost more than $2,100 over the lowest amount United States residents are asked to pay.

Nukeni has data on a lot of other cameras, but not every camera has as complete of data, but that could change over time. For photographers who have the option to visit neighboring countries where cameras might be less expensive, Nukeni is an excellent resource to check before making a purchase.

Image credits: Elements of header photo licensed via Depositphotos.