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The Best April Fools’ Day Photography Jokes of 2021


After taking a break last year — April 2020 was no laughing matter — we’re back again today with a roundup of the best April Fools’ Day jokes from around the world of photography.

Let’s jump right in…

Fujifilm Announces The GFX Disposable 645 Program

Fujiaddict reports that Fujifilm has announced a GFX 645 disposable camera that will come with “a 60mm f/4 lens and 25 frames of 400H 1600 ISO 645 film inside.”

Nikon Demonstrations Planned for 2021

Nikon Rumors reports that “Nikon demonstrations are being planned for 2021 because of the recent reductions/eliminations of Nikon product warranties around the world.”

Venus Optics Unveils a 4mm f/1 FF RL Lens

“We did it!” Venus Optics writes. “It’s a super wide 4mm f/1 FF RL, the widest with ultra large aperture and ‘Zero-Distortion’! The craziest lens for… full… no, fool frame.”

Yongnuo Unveils a Camera Lens Rice Cooker

“Do you know what? We are the maker of rice cookers,” Yongnuo writes. “As for the lens, we just made it by the way.”

Leica to Reissue “The Decisive Moment”

Leica Rumors reports that Leica may release an “enhanced” 17th-anniversary edition of Henri Cartier-Bresson’s iconic photo book with “digitally enriched” photos.

Kodak May Rebrand and Enter Mirrorless

Photo Rumors reports that Kodak may be considering yet another logo change and the development of its first mirrorless camera.

Sigma to Release a Mirrorless Camera Phone

An teaser image circulating on the web shows that Sigma is planning to launch a mirrorless camera phone called the Sigma DP Phone. (via Photo Rumors)

This NFT of an NFT Just Sold for $10 Million

Fstoppers reports that an NFT of an NFT just sold for a whopping $10 million, writing that the “artist and collector made a winning bid of $10 million for a smart contract on the Ethereum blockchain that gives him ownership of a smart contract on the Ethereum blockchain that gives him theoretical ownership of a version of his own work of digital art.”

Critical Vulnerability Affects Bluetooth-Enabled Cameras

Earlier today, we reported that a newly discovered vulnerability in a Bluetooth standard has put countless cameras at risk of getting bricked.

Sony, Canon, and Nikon Unveil Major Cameras

Jared Polin reports that Sony has announced the a7 IV, Nikon has announced the Z8, and Canon has announced the EOS Rs.

Mask Detection Auto Focus

Fotodiox has announced Mask Detect Autofocus. Mounted to your camera’s hot shoe, it autofocuses on all kinds of facemasks.

Lens Filters with Automatic Wiper Blades

Photofocus reports that a company called RainGuard has announced the world’s first lens filters with automatic wiper blades to keep rain droplets out of photos.

Vanguard Has Unveiled a 5-Legged ‘Cincopod’

Vanguard is going beyond 3-legged tripods and has announced the VEO Cincopod, a 5-legged invention for maximum stability on any terrain.

Fujifilm Announces X Phodographer Program

ePHOTOzine reports that Fujifilm UK has announced a new X Phodographer program to inspire both dog and human photographers.

The Launch of Communist Creative Cloud

EOSHD reports that The Berlin C.C.C.P Camera Co. has launched Communist Creative Cloud, a competitor to Adobe Creative Cloud.

New Camera Weights to Professionalize Mirrorless Cameras

Camnostic reports that a brand called Proier is set to announce new series of camera attachments that will make mirrorless cameras feel more like the flagship cameras of the past.

Nikon Announces a Mirrorless/DSLR Hybrid

pttl.gr reports that Nikon has announced the Nikon ZD4, the first mirrorless/DSLR hybrid camera that features a removable clip-in mirror.

Nikon Z9 Field Report

Photographer Marsel van Oosten has published a hands-on field report after testing out the new Nikon Z9 for a month.

We’ll be adding more entries to this roundup as we come across them. If you know of a good one that we missed, feel free to send it in!

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