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A Roundup of April Fools’ 2015 Jokes in the World of Photography



Ah, April 1st: the dreaded day on which you can’t trust anything you see online, lest it be a prank that makes you feel gullible. As has been our tradition in the past few years, we’re rounding up all the interesting April Fools’ Day pranks from the world of photography so that you can enjoy an overview, all in one place.

Without further ado, here’s a list of the shenanigans that have gone on today. Enjoy.

Shoes Designed for Selfies

The women’s shoe company Miz Mooz teases a new product called the Selfie Shoes, which have slots in the front for sticking your camera into for hands-free selfies. Photos are triggered with a tap of your toe.

The First Underwater Instant Camera

Lomography announced the new Lomo’Instant Caribbean, the world’s first instant camera designed for underwater photography.

Honda Announces a “Selfie” Edition of the HR-V

Honda has a new version of the HR-V that’s geared toward letting drivers and passengers take selfies. It contains 10 different selfie cameras placed in and around the car.

Canon Acquires Yongnuo


F Stop Lounge reported that Canon has acquired Yongnuo for $500 million to stop the Chinese 3rd party gear maker’s knockoff products.

Leica Unveils the Dusbunie Sensor Cleaner


F Stop Lounge also writes that Leica has announced the Dusbunie, a new revolutionary sensor cleaning product that uses state of the art dual Form Type filters to remove 99.9% of microscopic particles from camera sensors.

Adobe Adds Content Aware Revolve to Photoshop


F Stop Lounge reports that after a decade of development, Adobe has finally released Content Aware Revolve, a new feature that can rotate objects within your photographs so that you can see them from other perspectives.

A Pac-Man Theme for Canon DSLRs


The photography marketing platform Defrozo has unveiled a new series of custom Canon themes that transform the look and feel of your DSLR.

Flickr Bans Blurry Photographs


Digital Camera World reports that Flickr has introduced a new Stabilization Detection feature to its website that prevents blurry photographs from being uploaded to the service. It is apparently in response to a new Foto-Ordnen Obsolet Law passed by the European Union.

Canon and Nikon to Launch Drones


DIYPhotography went as far as to create two fake teaser sites at thenikondrone.com and canondronex.com to convince the world that the two camera companies were planning to enter the camera drone market.

DigitalRev Becomes Top Gear

The popular camera show DigitalRev, often called the “Top Gear of photography,” says that it will now do all of its shows in the style of Top Gear.

LensRentals Founder to Launch C-4 Precision Optics


LensRentals says it is partnering up with lens makers to create a new lens company called C-4 Precision Optics. Initial lenses will include The Beast (a 66.6mm f/0.666 lens for MFT), the Night Stalker (a 150mm f/1.0 lens), and the Flying Saucer (a 4.9mm f/3.5 fisheye).

A Levitating Camera Stabilizer

Ghost Gimbals announces a new voice-activated levitation feature that allows the device to hover in midair and follow you around with the camera.

Leica Partnering with Fujifilm


La Vida Leica writes that Leica has forged a new partnership with Fujifilm, and that the two companies will be jointly launching a new camera called the Leica XT. Leica will also reportedly start creating lenses for other companies’ mounts.

The SteadiKid Baby Carrier

Photographer Scott McDermott created a short commercial for the new SteadiKid, a fancy new baby carrier that uses stabilization technology that was originally developed for the movie industry.

A Left Handed Nikon DSLR


This may not be an April Fools’ Joke per se, but Manfrotto’s product page for the Lumie Muse LED light shows the product mounted to some kind of left-handed Nikon DSLR.

Nikon Unveils the P∞ with a 1458x Zoom


We here at PetaPixel shared an announcement for a new Nikon P∞, the world’s first compact camera with a 1458x zoom lens.

Realistic CGI to Replace Photography


We also reported that new breakthroughs in computer generated imagery are created CGI images so realistic that most people are fooled into thinking they’re photographs. There may be truths in that statement, but we shared a very… unique collection of photos.

Fotodiox’s First Canon to Nikon Adapter

Fotodiox has announced its first third party adapter for connecting Canon lenses to Nikon gear.

Motorola Introduces Its High-End Selfie Stick

Motorola takes selfies series, and it has created a selfie stick that’s worthy of taking the world’s best selfies.

The World’s First Organic Photo Booth


Photo booth company The SnapBar has created the Bambooth, the world’s first all-organic photo booth. It’s a fully functional eco-friendly photo booth that can be grown and multiplied by replanting.

Kodak Unveils a Picture Kiosk Dashboard for Cars


Kodak has created a new product for printing photos on the go — literally. With the Kodak Picture Kiosk Dashboard, customers can have prints made while riding around in their cars. It’s a new system that’s installed directly into the dashboard of vehicles.

The Do It YourSelfie 360° Selfie Rig

ThinkGeek has announced the Do It YourSelfie 360° Selfie Rig, a torso-mounted rig that lets you take immersive selfies with up to 12 attached cameras.

Dog on a Stick Selfie Stick


PetCo is now selling the first selfie stick designed specifically for pets.

Do you know of any good ones we’ve missed? Feel free to leave a comment and we’ll check it out (and perhaps add it to this list if it’s good).