A Roundup of Photography April Fools’ Jokes in 2017

It is yet again the day of the year on which you can’t trust anything you see online. Here’s a roundup of some of the April Fools’ Day jokes that have emerged in the world of photography in 2017.

A Review of the Samsung Family Hub 2.0

DPReview published a camera review of the Samsung Family Hub 2.0 line of camera fridges, which feature 21.5-inch 1080p LED screens, Internet connectivity, and cameras “with enough resolution to allow you the freedom to count your yogurt cups from anywhere in the world.”

Tomato Booth Camera App

The SnapBar created a new camera app called Tomato Booth that uses advanced facial recognition technology and algorithms to turn every face in every photo into a unique tomato.

The World’s First Depolarizer Filter

The Digital Picture reports that Breakthrough Photography launched a new filter called the X4. It’s the world’s first depolarizer filter with “Glare Enhancing Technology.”

Condom Life Hacks for Photographers

The Koldunov Brothers created this oh-so-helpful photography tutorial on how you can use condoms for various unintended purposes while making pictures.

Chris Niccolls Leaves TCSTV to Start Camway

TheCameraStoreTV writes: “While he’s sad to leave The Camera Store and TCSTV, Chris Niccolls is excited to share the details of his exciting new venture: Camway!”

Sony a9 E/EF-Mount Camera Leaked

sonyalpharumors got its hands on a leaked info sheet for an upcoming Sony a9 mirrorless camera, which features an E/EF mount, 52.4MP sensor, 6K video recording, 22fps raw shooting, 525 af points with 4D autofocus, and more. MSRP: $6,799.

Nikon and Sony Merge to Form ‘Nikony’

Jared Polin breaks the news that Nikon and Sony will be joining forces to compete against Canon.

“The new company will be called NIKONY (N EYE Kony) the NIK coming form Nikon and the ONY coming from Sony,” Polin writes. “In Europe and Australia it will be called Nick Kony. And in Asia it will be called Nee Kony.”

P.S. Know of any other photography-related April Fools’ Day jokes that deserve a mention here? Share them with us in the comments below and we may add them to this list.

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