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Ricoh Unveils the THETA SC2 360° Camera with New Features and UI


Ricoh has announced the new THETA SC2 360° camera, the successor to the original THETA SC that was announced back in 2016 (a camera designed to serve as a stripped down and more affordable version of the THETA S of 2015).

There are still two 1/2.3-inch CMOS sensors in the camera behind the twin 180° lenses pointed in opposite directions, and the camera still captures 14-megapixel 360° spherical photos. On the video front, however, the camera can now shoot 4K at 30fps for up to 3 minutes, up from the 1080p resolution of its predecessor.

Improved shake-correction in the camera helps you capture smoother shoots. When shooting underwater, there’s a new white balance mode designed specifically for that to help you capture better-looking results.

There are new preset shooting modes that are designed for specific subjects and situations. The “Face” mode detects human faces, places them at the center of the image, and uses exposure compensation and noise reduction to smooth skin. The “Night View” mode combines dynamic range compensation and noise reduction for better low-light shots. Finally, the “Lens-by-Lens Exposure” mode determines exposure separately for each lens for tricky lighting situations.

On the outside, the new SC2 comes in 4 different colors and features a new self-timer button and a new status display OLED. Both new additions are designed to make the camera more usable as a standalone device.

Other features and specs include a faster data transfer speed (videos transfer up to 4x faster), Bluetooth connectivity, a 1.5-second startup time, and new accessories (e.g. a remote control and a waterproof case).

The Ricoh THETA SC2 will hit store shelves in the US on November 29th with a price tag of $299.