iPhone Portrait Tips by Magnum Photographer Christopher Anderson

Want to get creative with shooting portraits using just your smartphone? Apple made this 3-minute video with advice and inspiration for shooting iPhone portraits from award-winning Magnum photographer Christopher Anderson.

“Award-winning photographer and photojournalist Christopher Anderson is known for his magnetic portraiture,” Apple says. “He strives for emotive and timely elements in his compositions. In this feature, Anderson shows us how to advance beyond technical precision to disrupt the portrait.”

The video itself is in vertical orientation — it was shot on an iPhone XS and is best viewed on a smartphone screen.

In addition to noticing light and interesting backgrounds, Anderson introduces intrigue into images using various props and tools — things like mirrors to add reflections and objects held in front of the lens.

“What I’m looking for when I’m photographing a subject, yes, there’s the color, and the light, and the shadow, and the angle,” Anderson says, “but I want to feel something when I see an image. I want to react to it. I want to connect with it.”

You can find more of Anderson’s work on his website, on Magnum Photos, and on his Instagram.