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KIPON Unveils the First 3rd-Party Lenses for Canon R and Nikon Z


While the Canon EF and Nikon F lens mount ecosystems are teeming with 3rd-party lenses, the new Canon R and Nikon Z full-frame mirrorless lens mounts completely lacked 3rd-party glass… until now. The Chinese brand KIPON has announced that it’s the first out of the gate.

KIPON’s new ELEGANT series of lenses will be the world’s first 3rd-party full-frame lenses designed specifically for the Canon R mount and Nikon Z mount.

“After 6 years non-stop learning for how to make high quality lenses, KIPON accumulated rich experience now,” the company states. “The reason why we use ELEGANT to name this lineup is because we want to transfer exactly how we develop these lenses from design to manufacture. They are consistent with our inertial thinking and philosophy about developing products in our company.”

There are 5 initial lenses on the ELEGANT roster: the 24mm f/2.4 for $499, 35mm f/2.4 for $468, 50mm f/2.4 for $325, 75mm f/2.4 for $355, and 90mm f/2.4 for $386.

All five lenses are set to start shipping before the end of December 2018. Keep your eye on the company’s Amazon store if you’d like to pick one or more of these lenses up right when they become available.

(via KIPON via Canon Rumors)