I Found My Own Stolen Lens for Sale Online and There’s Nothing I Can Do

One night two years ago, someone stole $10,000 of my camera equipment. Just recently, I found one of my more iconic lenses -- a pink Handevision 40mm f/0.85 Mark II -- for sale online. The police are slow to respond, and eBay won't help until law enforcement is involved.

Kipon’s EF to MFT Adapter Has Impressive AF Speed

Last month, Kipon announced the world's first autofocus-capable adapter for using Canon EF lenses on Micro Four Thirds cameras. If you've been thinking about picking one up, here's some good news for you: the autofocusing speed appears to be quite fast.

Japanese Kipon distributor SHOTENKOBO has released the 2-minute video above that shows some tests of the adapter using a Canon 70-200mm f/4L IS lens on a Panasonic GX7.

New EF Lens Adapters Offer Electronic Control on MFT and NEX Bodies

If you own a Micro Four Thirds or Sony NEX camera and you've been dying to use your Canon glass on it, thus far your only options have been sadly manual in nature. Because the adapters on the market today don't make the electronic link between the camera and the lens, you're left focusing and (if you can at all) adjusting the aperture by hand. Fortunately, lens adapter company Kipon has a couple of solutions around the corner that it has decided to tease us with.