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Portraits of Tattooed People, With and Without Clothes


Photographer Alan Powdrill has long been intrigued by tattoos and the idea that people would make permanent statements on their skin. For his project Covered, Powdrill shot portraits of heavily tattooed people in the UK both with and without clothes on.

To find his subjects, Powdrill visited tattoo fairs, scoured social media, and asked strangers he came across on the street. After making contact and having the subject agree to a shoot, Powdrill photographed them where they lived, sometimes traveling hundreds of miles around the UK for the portraits.

Powdrill has just launched a Kickstarter campaign to publish a Covered photo book with a limited edition print run of only 500 copies. A pledge of £45 (~$61) or more will get you a signed copy of the book if the project successfully delivers in August 2018.

Image credits: Photographs by Alan Powdrill and used with permission