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Why One Photographer Moved From Full Frame to Crop and Back


Trying to choose between a full frame camera and a crop sensor one? Here’s a 10-minute video by photographer Sheldon Evans, who talks about the differences between the two and shares why he went from full frame to crop and then back again.

As an illustration of how you can capture high-quality images on a wide range of sensor formats, Evans showed three photos — one shot with crop sensor, one shot on full frame, and one shot on medium format. Can you tell which is which? (The answers are at the end of this post).

“In the end, no one cares about what camera you’re using besides maybe other photographers and yourself, which is why you’re watching this video and your clients aren’t,” Evans concludes. “A full frame camera doesn’t make a professional photographer. If you’re shooting for clients and you can produce high-quality images regardless of what gear you’re using, you’re going to be doing alright.

“You, the person behind the camera, are more important than any gear you buy. Focus more and spend more time on improving your own skills — focus on your composition, on your lighting and your exposure, and you’ll see an improvement in your images.”

You can find more of Evans’ videos by subscribing to his YouTube channel. You can also find more of his work on Instagram.

Answer: The three photos were shot on the Hasselblad H6D medium format DSLR, Canon 80D crop sensor DSLR, and Canon 6D full frame DSLR, respectively.