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This is What Digital Cameras Were Like in 1995


There are plenty of new digital camera unboxing videos these days, but they’re generally not like this one. Lazy Game Reviews got its hands on an Epson PhotoPC and created this 11-minute video showing what it was like to unbox and use a digital camera back in 1995.

The PhotoPC was the first digital camera sold under the Epson brand — it was developed by Sanyo and licensed to other companies — and the first color digital camera priced under $500.

It could shoot 0.3-megapixel (640×480 pixel) photos and store 16 of them on the 1MB internal storage. Other specs and features include the ability to store photos for a year without power, autofocusing from 2 feet to infinity, a built-in flash, a self-timer, and a “light” weight of just 1 pound (~0.45kg).

The camera didn’t have any kind of screen for reviewing photos, so you’ll need to connect your camera to a computer using the serial port and cable to transfer and view your images.

Thankfully, especially for professional photographers, digital cameras have come a very, very long way since the Epson PhotoPC.

(via LGR via Reddit)