This iPhone App Uses AI to Auto-Hide All Your Naughty Photos

Nude is a new app for iOS devices that will automatically identify and hide all of your sensitive photos, protecting them from prying eyes and making your Camera Roll safe to share with family and friends.

Dubbed “the sexiest app ever,” Nude will scan through your camera roll and select all of the private snaps (i.e. photos containing nudity) you have stored using its AI image recognition technology. It will automatically remove them from your standard Photos album and store them away.

It also makes sure to erase them from iCloud, so if you do want a backup of those images, then make sure to store it elsewhere first.

The analysis and storage of your photos occur locally on the phone itself and doesn’t rely on any cloud services. This means that everything stays private and in your control.

The simple interface of the Nude app features an “easy-to-use PIN pad” as well as touch ID compatibility for securing your new vault. You can view photos and videos within the app, and there’s even an option to shoot photos directly into Nude’s stores with your iPhone’s camera.

Feeling super paranoid? No worries. Nude has “break-in alerts” that take photos of those attempting to hack into the app.

The app is ad free, but you’ll have to pay a subscription of $1 a month or $10 a year. Nude is currently available on iOS devices only, but The Verge reports that an Android version is on the way.

(via The Verge via Engadget)