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Snapchat’s New AR Filters Will Change the Sky Above Your Head


Snapchat has been rolling out a continuous stream of new filters, but the latest ones are rather unusual. Following the trend of Snapchat working with augmented reality, the new additions will totally transform a boring blue sky into something far more dramatic.

TechCrunch reports that the new “Sky Filters” will auto-magically detect the sky in your shot and then completely change the scene. The new filters will allow you to add different weather systems, sunsets, rainbows, storms, starry skies, and more.

An original scene. Image by TechCrunch.
The transformed looks.

Interestingly, it seems Snapchat will also adjust what’s in the rest of the picture to try and make it match the new sky as realistically as possible.

To access these new sky replacements, you just need to swipe through your filters as you would normally.

Sky Filters will be available starting today in an update for both iOS and Android users.