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Photos of Tiny, Lone Figures Dwarfed by Large Buildings


Insignificant Moments is a photo series by Australian photographer Thomas Ryan that juxtaposes tiny, lone human figures against the architecture of large structures.

Insignificant Moments explores concepts surrounding the built environment we engage with on a daily basis; loneliness; isolation; and exploring the notion that insignificant moments in our daily lives are acts that provide the soul of the built environment,” Ryan writes. “Through the austere and lonely there is beauty in these insignificant moments.”

Ryan shoots architectural photography, so he often finds himself on city streets, focusing his lens on different built environments. It’s his time out in the city that had him thinking about his interactions with the people around him.

Insignificant Moments provides me with the opportunity to capture the fragility of human presence in amongst the built environment,” Ryan says. “Being surrounded by people within the built environment, it struck me that I could go days without talking to another human being.”

“These feelings are emphasized in this project through the lone figures overshadowed by the built environment.”

You can find more of Ryan’s work on his website, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Image credits: Photographs by Thomas Ryan and used with permission