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Minimalist B&W Photos of Birds in the Skies Above Greece


For his personal project Above The Street, Below The Sky, photographer Andreas Kamoutsis spent over two years watching and photographing the birds flying above the busy streets of big cities in Greece. The series is a minimalist, black-and-white study of shadows and shapes.

“Putting aside the lifeless gray parts of the city and using the vast canvas of the sky as a background, another similar to ours but also very different society is being revealed to the human eye, the aerial bird society,” Kamoutsis writes. “Invisible ‘citizens’ of the inhospitable city give their own complexion just above the busy streets and constitute the most fascinating example of the ability to adapt in such an unknown environment.”

You can find more of Kamoutsis’ work by visiting his website, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Image credits: Photographs by Andreas Kamoutsis and used with permission