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Ep. 184: How AI Could Change Photography – and more


Episode 184 of the PetaPixel Photography Podcast.
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Featured: VR/AR expert, author and futurist, Robert Scoble

In This Episode

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VR/AR expert, author and futurist, Robert Scoble of Scobleizer.com opens the show. Thanks Robert!

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What could AI do inside Adobe Photoshop Lightroom?  And Google Photos’ implementation. (#)

Triggertrap drops the other shoe making the code for its apps open source. (#)

Sony releases new firmware for that hot new a9 addressing the overheating warning issue as well as releasing updates for a number of other bodies. (#)

Amazon ditches unlimited file storage…with a caveat. (#)

Music photographer Danny Clinch sues Forever 21 and Urban Outfitters for copyright infringement. (#)

Hasselblad severely reduces the price of its H6D-50C…but for how long? (#)


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