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How to Shoot a White Product on a White Background


In product photography, using a white background can eliminate distractions and really make the product shine. But what if the product itself is white? In this 4-minute video, you’ll learn how to properly expose your shot in this challenging scenario.

As photographer/director David Patino explains, the key to this technique is a piece of plexiglass used both as a stand, and to separate the product from the white reflector used as a background.

The product (a delightful white paper towel roll) is lit on either side by soft boxes, while the background is lit by a monolight sitting directly underneath the paper towel. Using this setup, you can control the product’s lighting independently of the background, helping to “cut it out.”

To see the full setup and results, take a look at the quick and concise tutorial at the top. And for more similar tutorials from a variety of experts, check out the PDN YouTube channel.