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The Best and Worst Ways to Carry Your Camera Gear: Straps, Slings, and More


There are almost as many ways to carry your camera gear as there are photographers, but what are the best and worst options? In this video, TheCameraStoreTV host Christopher Niccolls breaks down the best and worst of camera straps, bags, holsters and more, so you can make the most stylish and secure decision for your gear.

As gear roundups go, this is about as comprehensive an overview as you’d want to watch. In 15 minutes, Chris covers a variety of different straps, backpacks, camera bags, and holster mechanisms ranging from the very basic (read: cheap) to the very well-designed and popular (read: expensive).

Starting with straps, he covers the manufacturer strap, neoprene straps, and BlackRapid straps. Next, he moves on to some… stylish photo vest and belt holster systems that, while very useful, make you look like some sort of camera commando ready to drop into enemy territory.

Finally, he moves on to the backpacks and other camera bag systems out there—shoulder, hiking, etc. Starting from the biggest and most capable, and moving on to the smallest and most stylish.

For each gear carrier, Chris offers some pros and cons, talks about who might benefit from it and who might want to avoid it, and (of course) passes cynical judgement on whether or not he’d be caught dead actually using that particular setup.

And, as a bonus, co-host Jordan Drake occasionally points out some other pros and cons of the gear being displayed by stealing Chris’s gear as he’s talking. Comic relief meets practical advice… can’t complain about that.

So check out the full shootout up top, pick your favorite carrying gear, and let us know what your ideal setup look like and why in the comments.

(via ISO 1200)