10 Best Camera Straps in 2024

We can spend hours poring over buying guides and recommendations for the fanciest, most expensive pieces of kit to complete our bag as photographers, but in all that excitement, there is one crucial piece of our arsenal that can be overlooked. It hardly qualifies as a bell or a whistle and no one will drool with envy at the sight of it, but it is absolutely one of the most important purchases you will make: the camera strap.

The Best and Worst Ways to Carry Your Camera Gear: Straps, Slings, and More

There are almost as many ways to carry your camera gear as there are photographers, but what are the best and worst options? In this video, TheCameraStoreTV host Christopher Niccolls breaks down the best and worst of camera straps, bags, holsters and more, so you can make the most stylish and secure decision for your gear.

Rhino Battery Holster Lets You Keep Your Camera’s Power at Your Fingertips

Holsters are becoming pretty popular for keeping camera gear on your hip and at the ready, and now Washington-based gear company Rhino Camera Gear wants to bring the concept to batteries. It has unveiled a new product that's designed to cut a few seconds out of the time it takes you to switch out empty batteries for fresh ones.

The accessory is called the Rhino Battery Holster, and moves your juiced batteries from inside your camera bag to your side.

Quikdraw: A Lens Holster Belt that Uses Mounts Instead of Bags

If you were challenged to a duel by a renegade photographer, how quickly would you be able to draw your lens? Would you be able to Quikdraw?

Wanting a better way to swap lenses on-the-go, Phoenix-based photographer and engineer Riley Kimball came up with the brilliant why-didn't-I-think-of-that idea of a lens holster belt based around lens mounts. His product is called the Quikdraw.