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TriLens is a Triple Lens Holder You Wear on Your Belt


Back in 2014, we shared a clever new photography accessory called the LensFlipper, which is basically back-to-back lens mounts that help you quickly and easily swap between lenses. Now a new startup is going one step further: the upcoming TriLens lets you mount three lenses on a single belt-worn accessory.

The product is by Frii Designs, a Swedish startup founded by wedding and event photographer Jonas Lundin.

“There’s nothing worse than coming home from a photo shoot and realize that you’ve missed irreplaceable moments because you struggled with changing lenses, or that you simply were too lazy to go through the process,” says Lundin.

TriLens is basically a swiveling triplet of lens mounts arranged in a triangle. The heaviest lens mounted to the accessory will always be pointed straight down toward the ground, allowing you to leave one of the upward-facing mounts open and ready for receiving your active lens during a swap.

There’s also some stabilization built-in into the design.

“Carrying lenses of different weights and sizes can be difficult with similar systems, but the TriLens adjusts the rotational friction automatically based on the weight of your lenses,” Frii Designs says. “This keeps the TriLens stable when walking or running.”

The TriLens kit comes with magnets that can be used to attach your lens caps to the empty mounting spots when your caps aren’t in use.

The 1.1-pound TriLens measures 6.3×3.9×3.9 inches and will be compatible with Canon, Nikon, and Sony-mount lenses with a diameter up to 3 5/8″. It’s made of steel and fiber-reinforced nylon, and is rated for a load of up to 220 lbs.

Frii Designs will soon be launching the product through a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign, where it’s hoping to secure 600 pre-orders to get the product off the ground. No word yet on pricing, but you can following along with the project through the website and sign up to be reminded of the Kickstarter launch on May 9th, 2017.