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PetaPixel Photography Gift Guide 2014



We’re a bit late this year, but here’s the latest edition of our holiday gift guide! Unlike other photography gift guides you might find this holiday season, ours is more lighthearted and geared more toward novelty gifts than serious gear.

Without further ado, here’s our roundup (we’ll continue to update the list as we remember/come across new things):

$5: Camera Stickers

One of our very own products. You get 3 sheets containing 273 stickers total.

$6: Camera Lens Case


This is a camera-shaped case for your lenses. Not your camera lenses, but your contact lenses.

$13: Camera Ice Cubes Mold


PhotoPhreezePhun is an ice cube tray that lets you make camera shaped ice cubes. Not a fan of cold things? You can also use it to make chocolates.

$20: Mosaic Photo Book


Make a beautiful photo book using your phone in 5 minutes, and send it to a friend or family member for $20 (plus $5 shipping).

$29: Cameras in the History of Photography Poster


A poster with illustrated cameras from the history of photography. The basic poster shows 100 cameras, but there’s also a bigger poster with over 200 cameras for $38.

$36+: Lens Cap Pocket Beanie


The Cooperative of Photography is selling beanies designed for storing lens caps thanks to a little pocket on the side.

$37: Poladarium Polaroid Calendar


A peel-away calendar with a different Polaroid picture for each day of the year.

$60: A Model DSLR Made Out of Crystal


These crystal DSLRs can be used as paperweights, book ends, and home decor.

$64: The Selfie Toaster

This toaster prints out a custom photo every time you toast a piece of bread.

$90: LensFlipper


This is a double-sided lens cap that you can use to quickly swap lenses with while shooting. Here’s a video showing how it’s used.

$110+: Adidas Shoes Printed with Your Photos

Buy a pair of kicks customized with your personal photographs printed across the surface.

$185: Lastolite Out of Focus Backgrounds


Need to fake some bokeh in a pinch? These collapsible backgrounds mimic the look of out-of-focus outdoor locations.

$200: Holdfast Money Maker Multi Camera Strap


A premium leather camera strap that helps professional photographers keep two cameras by their side at all times.

Have an idea of something that deserves a place on our list? Leave your suggestions in the comments below and we may add it!

Image credit: Header photograph by JD Hancock