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The Lens Flipper: A Super Simple Mount Accessory that Lets You Swap Lenses in a Flash



Photokina isn’t just a place for major camera brands with big lens and body announcements, a lot of smaller companies use the trade show to gain some traction for their sometimes-weird, sometimes-ingenious camera accessories as well.

Fortunately for us, the Lens Flipper by Go Wing — a double sided mount accessory that makes carrying and swapping lenses super quick and easy — fits into the latter category.

Rather than tell you how it works, it’ll be infinitely easy to just show you. So, behold, swapping between two lenses using the Lens Flipper… in 6 seconds flat:

Available in Canon, Nikon, Sony A and Sony E mounts, the Lens Flipper is just a swiveling double sided mount that will securely strap an extra lens to you and let you swap between lenses in seconds.

You simply remove the lens on your camera, attach it to the Go Wing, remove the other lens from the Go Wing, and attach it to your camera. The mount will naturally swivel so the unused lens is pointing neatly downward, and you’re back to shooting.


To find out more about the product or grab your own for $90, head over to the Lens Flipper website by clicking here (if you’re in the US), or check out Go Wing’s site to find a store near you.

Vine credits: The vine was captured by our buddy Sam Cornwell, who goes to Photokina every two years and Tweets about the more interesting developments and products.